Thursday, December 1, 2011

And here we go again...

Today leave Atlanta, GA for San Francisco to see the Weakerthans perform another installment of their "Four and More":  Four nights featuring the songs of the entire Weakerthans' catalog at The Independent.  All but the first show (featuring Fallow) are sold out.

I struggled deciding if I should use this blog again... or start a new.  The trip to Winnipeg, the shows, the people: it was such a magical time.  Will this be as magical?  It can't possibly be.  There's just no way to top my visit to Winnipeg.  But seeing my favorite band in one of my favorite cities ain't a bad way to end the year, I'd say!

My preparation for San Francisco is much less than was necessary for a Winnipeg winter. They've never had 5 foot snow banks.  There is no currency to be converted.  I used to live there so, I'm familiar with it's streets and I have a handful of friends still there.  I will revisit my favorite haunts of course -- but it wont be like discovering a new and magical land you have only heard about in songs.

So, first things first -- I admit and embrace that this is a departure from the blogs initial purpose... though it still has a similar heart.  Plus, I opened my blogger account and a fly flew out... sadly showing my lack of writing as of late.  So, the accounts of this trip will be much shorter, but I figured I should write something.

I am staying near the Painted Ladies

So, what will be different this year?

This year I am older.  I am on my grounds.  My land.  They will be a guest in my country, in a city that once housed my heart.  Also this year, rather than traveling a lot, I spent it at home under the covers snuggling up with my aging dog who I've traveled the country with.  He is now too old to travel and had an accident this summer where I almost lost him.  He is chugging along... a little slower... a little more grumpy.... and his rapidly aging it changed my pace.  I had to move to a "handicap" accessible apartment and I have not been leaving him much.

So, this time round when I hear "Virtute explains her departure" I am pretty darn sure I a few deep sobs are gonna escape me and I am just going to embrace that and let it be what it is.  There's no trying to be cool when it comes to the love of a pet.

And in preparation, I am watching the film "We are the Weakerthans, We're from Winnipeg."  My dear friend from Ottawa who actually first introduced me the Weakerthans sent me a copy in a Canadian themed "care package" along with maple syrup, something called "Tire Esponge" and a hat.  I think he still worries about me getting cold!

And for the record:  I already have my frequent flyer miles saved up for my next Winnipeg trip.

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