Saturday, November 27, 2010

Filbert and his Underhat

People wear long underwear in cold weather, right?  Well my dear sweet fleece hat Flibert (right) now has his very own "underhat" (left).  Together they are pretty darn warm.  

I have discovered the joy of something called "Polar Fleece. at REI.  Thank god for the people of REI who have helped me over the past week.  One of them explained all the contraptions attached to my gloves.  They have "idiot" strings attached and what I thought was a "money pocket" is actually a place for a hand warmer (Doh).

And apparently I have been wearing some pretty crappy socks.  I spent about $40 on Smartwool socks and they are AMAZING.  I don't want to take them off.  It's like I have never worn socks before.

I also bought some of this:

... and waterproofed my boots.  Though I admit, I forgot the line in the directions that said "use in a well ventilated area."  The dogs and I spent the rest of the evening a little under the influence of the vapors.

Long underwear  has been ordered (thanks to Black Friday sales)

I have been kinda feeling guilty that most of this blog so far has been dedicated to "Winterizing Andy" for this trip.  Thanks Raymond for also calling me out on this and for graciously telling me "I told you so!"  He is in fact the only person I know who has been to Winnipeg and survived! ;)

Honestly, when I heard about these shows I just booked the ticket.  I now realize this truly is an expedition like no other I have been on and the preparation has been an entertaining education.  I do promise to offer photos and writings of my experience there once I arrive.  There is just a long build up.  But only 17 days to go!

I am gonna have to find a way to put all this winterwear to use after I get back from Canada.  Winter camping trip anyone?

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