Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Royal Albert Arms

So the first concert the Weakerthans will play is a tiny club called the "Royal Albert Arms" which apparently is like the CBGB's of Winnipeg. There is even a neat documentary about the club you can see here. It looks good and I really wanna see it!

Call To Arms: The Story of the Royal Albert - Trailer from Randy Frykas on Vimeo.

This show will feature songs from their first album FALLOW. I adore this album of course, but I also admit it is my least favorite of their 4 albums. Does that even make sense?

But what I wonder is how the people of Winnipeg feel about this first album. Fallow must have seemed like a big change, as John K Samson had just left a popular punk band called Propagandhi. This was a definite departure in style. I always find it interesting what a band's local community thinks about these things. Is Fallow their favorite album because it is their "first"? Or was there reluctancy because John left a band that seemed to be doing well at the time.


  1. I want to be your friend, haha. The Weakerthans have been my favourite band since I followed John K to them from Propagandhi. Propaghnadhi was my favourite band before the Weakerthans. Anchorless is a song found on both Weakerthans and Propagandhi albums. But I'm sure you knew that. Wish I had heard about your trip earlier as I would love to show you around. I'll be at the Burt on Saturday (wish I could've afforded all the shows).

  2. Awe. Anyone tell you that they want to be my friend makes me happy. I will be walking around town for the next several days. So, I might just see you somewhere.