Monday, November 15, 2010

What to Wear: Winter Accouterments

I need your help!

I did not have a winter coat until 1998.  I am very ill prepared for a real winter.

I have 2 sweaters, a bunch of dresses, tights and a couple of pairs of slacks.  I have no warm socks.  I don’t and won’t own a parka.  Sorry, Molly.

I spent most of my life in Southern Texas where time stops if it gets below 30.  When I moved to Georgia, I discovered tights and a winter coat but I have to admit that I have never even been in weather that is lower than maybe 20 degrees F.

I also wear a lot of dresses.  Actually most of my wardrobe consists of dresses. And these are not winter dresses, they are v-neck cotton dresses.  Of course for the Atlanta winters, I just add tights and coat but I just cannot imagine that this is going to fly in Winnipeg… in December.

I literally do not know HOW to dress for a real winter. 
Oh yes, and I have very little money too.

I went to my storage space and dug through boxes until I found my old Doc Marten boots.  These are not the warmest boots, but they are the only boots I have.  I think I have only worn them a total of 3 times, so they also need some breaking in.

I also just bought this new cuddly fleece hat when I was in New Orleans.  My friends named him Flibert.  I do hope he keeps me warm.

So, what am I supposed to wear in Winnipeg – without making myself look like that kid from A Christmas Story, that is?


  1. Thanks to Kristi and Sam for emails in response to this with their advice. And also to the parents for offering to send me long underware for my birthday this week.

  2. Everyone in Winnipeg looks like that kid from "A Christmas Story" in winter. Fashion goes out the window in these kind of extremes. Function b4 fashion!