Friday, November 19, 2010

Is it really that cold? No, it can't be. (plus video)

The High today in Winnipeg is 24 Degrees.

The low is SEVEN!!!

Is it really that cold in Winnipeg?

They say in February it gets to -40.  Is that sustainable for human life?

I bought some of these yesterday:

Do you these will be enough?


  1. First of all, no, I do not think gloves will be enough. You will also need a jacket, hat, scarf, and some warm pants, as well as waterproof shoes, wool socks, and some really warm underthings.

    As for the two guys - seems like they could at least score a dog sled.

  2. Ha. "warm underthings?" That sounds great. Yes, I meant to ask if the gloves would be enough on my hands.... I am working on the rest still.

  3. Gloves do nothing. You need mitts.

  4. Hah, it's not even that cold in the video. The snow has a particular "squeaky' sound underfoot when it gets below -25 or so.

  5. Ha. Yeah, I am trying to avoid knowing what anything is like at -25! ;)