Monday, November 29, 2010

These Canadians and their Curling

Canadians apparently like curling. I mean, they like it a lot.

So much so that The Weakerthans wrote a song about curling and filmed a "webisode" about it.

I am actually really excited about seeing some curling, though I will likely stay on the spectators side of things -- with my well established ability to fall on pavement under normal cicumstances, I have pretty much been barred from purposely walking on ice for years now.

Here is the video for Tournament of Hearts:

I would love, love, love to actually go to the Fort Rogue Curling Club, which I think is where they filmed the video. Will see if I get the courage to rent a car and drive it through the wintery city... or convince some poor soul to drive me there.


  1. Alex, curling stinks. The only reason a small handful of people do it is bcuz part of the tradition of curling is you have to knock back a few scotch's before you hit the ice. It's just another excuse to get pissed. Hope you like scotch.

  2. Ha. Excuses for scotch drinking is ok by me. Plus, it's the old traditions that people from far away find interesting. ;)

  3. Sorry, just fascinated by your journey to our fair city! It's fairly easy to get to the Fort Rouge Curling club. Its in Osborne, close to downtown. Right beside the club is another lyrical landmark- Confusion Corner ("Our Confusion Corner commuters are cursing the cold away"-Civil Twilight) A lyric that speaks to me, personally because I often catch the bus at Confusion Corner! I do suggest, if you are in Osborne, to grab a beer at The Toad in the Hole. Winnipegs best pub!

  4. No apologies needed, dear! I am completely grateful.

    THIS is why I started the blog. To somehow find all these places. I had no idea confusion corner was a reference. Beautiful! Thanks. Could you send me a street address of that... or maybe a google link?

    Yes, I have been told to check out the Toad in Hole, so now it is a must. Is there much going on their Tuesday nights? I don't have anything on the schedule for that night yet.

  5. Google: Corydon and Osborne...otherwise known as Osborne Junction...just a mess of a bunch of streets that converge together...actually its a little further from Fort Rouge Curling Club. There's also a restaurant named Confusion Corner Bar and Grill...worth taking a pic of! Very close to The Toad! Tuesday is a tough one in Winnipeg...Anything you are particularly interested in doing? Depends what your into seeing. Lots of great little art gallery's in The Exchange District. The King's Head,The Lo Pub and Mondragon are some other great places to stop in and grab a pint or some grub. FYI: it's bone chillingly cold here right now so dress warm!

  6. Thanks again Mike. I am not sure there is anything I can do to prepare for this kind of cold.

    I will put confusion corner on my agenda.

    I am staying down town so the Exchange district might be more reasonable than Toad on Tuesday.

  7. Andy,

    Actually, you might get lucky. I think the weather is getting better in the next couple of days. I think it was -33 C here today with the windchill. Yikes! An open invitation: my friend Jarrett and I will be heading to the Mondragon on Wednesday around 6 for dinner before the show. Its steps from the Albert. Authentic Winnipeg Vegan cuisine if there is such a thing. You are welcome to be our guest. 91 Albert St. in The Exchange. Otherwise see you at the show.

  8. Darn. I am doing the radio show at CKUW from 6-8pm that night. But I am excited that the Peg has veggie options. Been a vegetarian for 20 years.