Wednesday, December 15, 2010

At the Albert, a very charming club. Just saw a great opening band which I'll have to look up a repost about them. Right at the front awaiting some Weakerthans!


  1. What a night.

    I'm assuming you're moving here now, I'll lend you my spare block heater cord.

    C'mon, you know you want to. Oscar would love it here.

    ~Jeff @ The Sound Exchange

  2. While you're wandering here for a few days, I recommend checking out the huge craft sale happening at the West End Cultural Center from friday to sunday. Lots of local art and a few local bands. Simply chocablock with hippies, so consider yourself warned. Also: a dance party at the Lo-Pub on Ellice friday night till late, with some great DJs. If you're looking for louder and angrier, War on Music, the punk/metal/hardcore record store, is having a flea market on saturday just next door to the Mondragon.

  3. Ha. Jeff, funny. My friends have been a little worried about this. Checking in and making sure I promise to get on that plane on Monday.

    I am a nurse after all, and can work pretty much anywhere.

    But what's a block heater? That scares me.

  4. Block heater: It's an electric heater that is inside the engine block of a car. It keeps the engine warm on cold nights (and occasionally days) so it'll start.
    Take a look at the front grille of most vehicles, notice the plug hanging there?
    Take a look in the parking lots. See the plugs at most of the spots?

  5. Opening band at the Albert was Cannon Bros. ( btw.

    Glad you're enjoying your time in the 'Peg.

  6. Loved the Cannon Bros!

    Block heater - Yes! I did notice this after you mentioned it. Wow. Yeah. we don't need those down here so I had never seen one before. Interesting.