Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day Five: North Kildonan and the Disraeli Bridge

As Karen (from the Elmwood Curling Club) and I passed over a bridge, I asked "What bridge is this?"  I just had a feeling.  I had not mapped it out, but I had the feeling we were on the Disraeli.  Sure enough we were!  And on our way back, she stopped to we could take a photo.  

We also went by North Kildonan... not to an "all night restaurant" and I did not drink any soapy coffee, but I was at least there and got to take this photo at the community center.  It's a little bit out of the way, so I was very happy that she wanted to drive me through the area.

These are places I did not think I was going to see because I am on foot in this city.  But somehow, it all worked out.  This is pretty much how this entire trip has worked out.  I appreciate the serendipity this city has offered me.

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