Sunday, December 12, 2010

Your Body Still Remembers Things... A New Level of Weakerthans Fandom

So Weakerthans fans are pretty darn serious about about their undying admiration for the band.  In fact, I am pretty sure if two of them meet on the street they could have an entire conversation based on Weakerthans lyrics.  To passers by, this would sound quite strange, but I will say that randomly finding someone else who speaks "Weakerthan" is a pretty darn special feeling.

I still remember the first time that John McNicholas, my old guitarist of The Yum Yum Tree, and I realized we were both Weakerthans fans.  We were in the middle of practicing a set for a show and he immidiately broke into "Left and Leaving"on guitar.  We both stood there and played and sang the entire song, unaffected by our other band mates that were like "WTF are the doing? and who are the Weakerthans?!"  The next year we both went up to Pitsburgh to see the band.

So apparently Weakerthan-fandom has reached a new level of committment.   According to Brooklyn Vegan fans are now sporting Weakerthans tatoos.  Wow. That is pretty flattering and slightly zealous.  But I can not lie, the thought has crossed my mind.  I just don't know how I could choose one theme or set of lyrics and not choosing could mean you end up with a book tattooed on your body. Hmm... that could lead to some interesting conversations.

My dear canadian friend John Carter, who introduced me to the Weakerthans so long ago, did ask me this week if I was going to get a "Mount Rushmore-style Weakerthans Tattoo".  Hmmm... Tattoos of peoples faces freak me out.  The one above though I think is nicely done.

I think I remember Jim Bryson having a tattoo of Manitoba on his right arm, but hell if I can find a photo of it.   Of course, before I started researching Winnipeg and Manitoba, I didn't get the reference.  And it's so damn cold there, that I doubt the poor tattoo gets much "air-time."

I am not committing to the idea of a Weakerthans tattoo - yet.  Especially, since I have somehow remained a tat-virgin despite being in bands for 20 years.  But I will mull it around and I am open to suggestions.


  1. I stand corrected. It is not Jim with the Manitoba tattoo. I know someone has one. I've seen it once before. I am thinking that it's likely Greg.

  2. You're's a fellow named Rusty Matyas. He plays in The Weakerthans as backup when they're on tour sometimes. He is also known for his work with other amazing Winnipeg bands The Waking Eyes and Imaginary Cities. The tattoo is essentially the province on Manitoba with a heart where Winnipeg is. I'm very jealous of it!

  3. Ah thank you for that tidbit! I knew I had seen it before on someone, stage left before. Yes, it is something to be jealous of. A very respectable tattoo. Thanks again - it's much appreciated.