Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter Comes Too Soon ~ Anticipating Winnipeg

I think I have finally decided that "The Last Last One" is my favorite song off Fallow.   It's weird but I never had a favorite song on Fallow.  

So, it is 20F (-7C) in Atlanta and they have decided to close some schools.  It's not even snowing! We better get our ice truck out.  I wonder if we have more than one?

Winnipeggers would laugh at us.

The thing is, if even flurries fall in Atlanta - our people seem to lose all knowledge of how to operate vehicles.  I am glad I won't be at work tomorrow.  Dealing with all the car accidents that end up in the ER is not my favorite part of the job.

I see the weather is improving in Winnipeg.  It was -20F last night, it's now 1F.  Thank you for this 'warm' welcome tomorrow.  At this rate Atlanta's temperatures are dropping as fast as Winnipegs are increasing.  Keep that going guys, ok?

Albert Street from "New In Town"

I leave for Winnipeg in the AM and though I am so tired, I have a feeling I am gonna have trouble falling asleep.

So, I'd like to tell you a little story.

In my sophomore year of high school I was an exchange student to the UK.  I wanted to go to England because all the bands I liked were from there (see a theme here?).  This was 1990 and Brit pop was all the rage.  I was so excited that the few weeks before left I started acting like a kid with ADD.  My English teacher, Mrs. Anne Johnson, pulled me aside and said she wanted to share something with me.  She took a yellow index card with red ruled lines on it and in her "English teacher's red pen" wrote something on it and handed it to me.  I looked at the card and in her perfect cursive teacher handwriting she had written "Anticipation."  She said that this word signifies one of the great joys in life that some people never see or appreciate.  She was telling me that a huge part of an experience is the planning and anticipation of it.  I guess that's always stuck with me and likely had something to do with me starting this blog.

Many years later, I would write a song called "Anticipation" and I still have that index card tucked away safe in a box. I will always remember Anne Johnson for that.  She gave a 16 year old girl the vision to realize that this moment now is part of the experience.  Thank you Anne.

So this is how tomorrow is planned:
Taxi to the subway, subway to the airport, Atlanta to Chicago, layover, Chicago to Winnipeg,  Bus #15 to downtown.

Sounds like a long day.  Where can I pick up a cheap bottle of red wine downtown?  I think I am gonna need it by the end of the my travel day.  I think I might go check out the Exchange District for dinner.  Suggestions as to where I should grab dinner tomorrow welcomed.

 Sleep tight Winnipeg.  I am on my way!


  1. You can get a bottle of wine at CityPlace - it's centrally located downtown. As for dinner in the Exchange, I'd recommend Don Pedros, Tre Visi (little fancier), or The Line Up!

  2. I would also suggest checking out the King's Head right in the heart of the Exchange. One of my favourite places - an old pub with extremely friendly bartenders and an atmosphere to match. They have great drinks and a really good menu as well!

  3. I think the Mondragon is a must too!

  4. Andy's mom thanks Mrs. Anne Johnson!