Friday, December 10, 2010

Before it was a Weakerthans Song....

Wow.   I knew these existed but had not watched them before.

What's so special about these videos is that they are of John K Samson performing songs solo that later were released as full fledged Weakerthans song  I love to see how songs develop... how their original, usually quiet and more intimate versions turn into something else later.  This was filmed before Reconstruction Site was released.

A nice little glimpse into the song crafting.

Solo version of Psalms for the Elks Lodge Last Call

And more can be found here here.

Jessica was trying to plan warm outfits with me tonight.  Her suggestion:  "Well, I would definitely bring pants."  Oh, damn Jess!  I am so glad you reminded me to bring pants!  Surely, those I would have forgotten. ;)

Countdown: 4 days until I arrive.  It's -4 degrees F in Winnipeg.
(Come on, that does not look like a real number.  Admit it.)

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