Sunday, December 26, 2010

Others Pilgrimage to the Weakerthans' Winnipeg

Yea!  Look what I just found: Check out someone else's blog about traveling from Seattle to Winnipeg to see the Weakerthans.  See they inspire this kinda stuff!  I am not the only one.  Yes dear, you were among "your people!"

I also met people from Houston, Austin, Athens and Levi from Minneapolis.   This was no singular event.  I was not the first person to make this pilgrimage and I surely won't be the last.   The Weakerthans inspire this kind of stuff.  In fact, I totally expect there to be a printable map someday.

Sidebar I keep forgetting to mention: 
Like the mother (Martha Pilmpton) in that show "Raising Hope," my mother is known for constantly making up her own words.  It's a pretty entertaining "flaw."  One of her most recent creations was "Pomegranian" as in from the Pomegranate fruit.  In the same vein, because of all this talk of Winnipeg weather, my mother keeps calling the Weakerthans - the Weatherthans.   She's really not that far off.

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