Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I am home, bathed and snuggling with my monsters!

Atlanta, I have to say you seem quite "hot" at 45F. Seriously, I opened all the windows and turned on the fan!

I had to trade from United to Delta but ole Atlanta's Delta got me home! It only took 24 hours to get from Winnipeg to Atlanta. Grrr. It snows in Chicago every year, I don't understand why it's so hard to get things straight there. It was a mess.

To my surprise my bag was even waiting there for me in Atlanta. It took a completely different (and much earlier) flight than I did. I almost hugged my bag right there in the Atlanta baggage claim. I could not believe it was there! But I was looking haggard - so I thought they might question my sanity to see a haggardly looking woman hugging a big red suitcase in the airport.

I can not thank Melodie enough for picking me up from the airport. I have had my personal space violated so much in the last 24 hours that I just think I would have gone looney on the subway.

Something I have noticed since coming back is that we could learn a lot from Manitoba when it comes to curtosey. Maybe it's because so many of us were stranded -- but I noticed so many people acting entitled, discourtesous and acting as if it was the end of the world and they were saccrificing each other to survive.

Come on people, we were stranded in an airport for 12 hours. We were sheltered. And we eventually all got on these things called "jets" that traveled through the air at 600mph to get us SAFELY to our destination. It was kinda shameful.

But regardless! I am safe home and happy about that. Tonight is our annual Eggnog Party. I am feeling a little sad today. I feel like I am in another world right now. I am sure I will adjust as soon as I get back to work tomorrow but for tonight, I miss you Manitoba.

I still have some odds and ends to update on the blog (photos mostly), for those of you who can't stop reading. But the end of even that is ending. What a whirlwind... but even those sputter out eventually....


  1. Please, no sputtering!! Seriously, keep writing! Anything, really. Winnipeg/Weakerthans related or not, keep writing, Andy!

  2. Wow. I am honored. What to write about though? I have to work on that part. I will have some updates soon -- last part of the Winnipeg travel blog. But after that... I am open to ideas.