Friday, December 10, 2010

Where is Winnipeg?

Do you know where Winnipeg is?  Could you easily point it out on a map?

Before a few months ago I could point in the general direction but I surely would not bet anything on pin pointing it's location.  In fact, I think I would have pointed to some place much further west than it's actual location.  This seems to be the general consensus of most people I speak to who are not from Canada.  Tonight it was a common topic of conversation as multiple friends asked me "Andy, exactly where is Winnipeg?"

Well here is a map:

Winnipeg has a population of 600,000 and Canada overall has 34 Million people. Most of theses people seem to live along the Southern border of the US.  The population map kinda looks like everything has settled to the bottom.  I suspect that may be because it is likely warmer there!  

After reading about Winnipeg and talking to people from there - a few themes seem to arise.  People there seem to be very vocal about their undying love for Winnipeg or their clear hatred.  I've been told people like to whine a lot about it.  It seems to be considered honorable to tough it out there, and then there are the people who leave Winnipeg for Toronto or another city.  Love:Hate, Stay:Leave.  These appear to be the common themes.

There also is a theme based around the phrase "Does Winnipeg Really Exist?" I would love to know where this all started.

This I think is quite funny:


  1. Love that collage of film clips about Winnipeg!

    Perhaps by the time you leave our fair city, you'll go home saying, "eh" like the rest of us!

    Have fun exploring the far north!

  2. And I'll bet you haven't even discovered the Winnipeg Handshake yet!

  3. That, I have not. So where do you learn this handshake?

  4. Winnipeg really isn't all that hard to find: it is 1500 miles from the nearest ocean beach ... in ANY direction (admittedly the beaches in the southern half of the circle are more conducive to tanning although those in the other half are progressively less crowded the more north you get)

  5. well, ok, sure there's no "ocean beach" but there are fantastic lake beaches less than an hour north of the city. I'd rather swim in fresh water than salt lol