Monday, December 20, 2010

The Last, Last Day

I leave for Atlanta in a few hours.  It is getting cold here, a sign that your "balmy" stint is ending and it's probably best if this girl flies south.  It's 0 degrees F outside.  The temperature has really dropped over the last 24 hours.  It seems like Winnipeg warmed up just for the duration of my stay.  I appreciate that.  My body tells me that there is indeed a clear difference between 10F and 0F.

Yesterday I laid low to recoup.  I did venture down to Osborne Village to drop into Music Trader and then met up with Jen and Nick at the Toad in the Hole.

I am packing up now and will likely stop by the Wagon Wheel again for lunch, just to make sure to bookend my trip with a truly Winnipeg experience!  Plus, it's cheap.  And then I am going to catch the 15 to the airport.

If you would like to keep in touch, please feel free to pass on email addresses.  I would like to.  I have a few things to still post on the blog once I get home - my camera is holding a few photos hostage.

I decided to revisit my first post when starting this blog about my trip.  Wow.  I had no idea what I was in for!  I am gonna miss you guys.  I met so many people while here that are just lovely, sweet Winnipeggers.  You live up to the slogan on your license plates, that's for sure!

The little essay "A Love Letter to Winnipeg" is the #1 most viewed piece on the Winnipeg Free Press website.  I am glad so many people are reading and commenting, as it was written from the heart.

Thank you again for showing me a hell of a good time, folks!  I will be back someday.


  1. If you do ever decide on another visit, try coming in the summer. There's a reason people are able to put up with the cold winters. Lots of Festivals (Folk, Fringe, etc), There's lots of beaches and provincial parks. Glad you enjoyed your visit. Don't hold it against us that we're possibly trying to steal your hockey team.

  2. Oh no, your love letter has been topped by "Injured dog's selflessness draws tears"!

  3. Ha. I am perfectly ok with being one upped by a brave dog!