Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Perfect Sunday ~ A Perfect Essay about Winnipeg's Wellington

"I wasn’t certain whether I was in Winnipeg because of the Weakerthans, 
or whether I cared about the Weakerthans because I care about Winnipeg."  
- Paul Tough

It's snowing in ATLANTA!

I should explain: There are little white fuzzy things falling from the sky which disappear as soon as they hit the ground or land on the dogs.  The temperature is also dropping degrees by the minute here.  Is the universe trying to prepare me for something?  Go head, I have gear!

I am doing laundry, packing and listening to Constellations off Jim Bryson's new album.

It's a perfect Sunday and has been a perfect week.  Work in the ER was easy, vacation started, the Uptown Article came out (which I am still beaming from) and more things are planned that I can't post about yet.  I have spent the last three days at holiday parties and concerts with all of the people who make me love my city.  And of course last night was the Happenstance, which is an annual Atlanta event which makes me proud.

And most of all, I am getting ready to head out on my own pilgrimage to Winnipeg.

I found the most touching article about someone else's pilgrimage to Winnipeg to see the Weakerthans... back before Reconstruction Site was released.  I had been researching the location of Wellingtons (from Wellington Wednesday's fame) and came across this article from a New York Times writer who happens to also love The Weakerthans and Winnipeg.  It is a must read for any Weakerthans zealot.   I love his quotes about why certain cities become important and what this means to Winnipeg.

The way he writes about his visit to Winnipeg, reminds me exactly of why I am going there.  He writes about how somehow a song about Winnipeg (Left and Leaving) made him love his home of New York more.  This is the exact same feeling I spoke of during the Uptown Magazine interview.  

Ooohhh... as I complete this post I see that the snow is sticking to the roof top outside my apartment window.  You see, even the slightly flurry is pretty exciting in these parts.

My Oscarmonster is also sitting in my suitcase, as usual.  He thinks I will take him with me.

Countdown:  2 days until Winnipeg!
Temperature: -18F

Please Winnipeg, I beg you to be kind to the tip of my nose and the tips of my toes.


  1. Scott (co-author of our Follow That Naked Indian blog) just called me up and started laughing at me. I said "Oh, no! What, did I do? No! Why are you laughing at me?" (I do have a tendency... almost a uncontrollable will... to make a fool of myself pretty much all of the time).

    He said I looked pretty ridiculous putting up that photo of the tiny slivers of 8 snowflakes on my roof. He's probably right. That's like a sneeze compared to what Winnipeg gets in an hour. But still. It's MY snow, on MY roof. ;) So, I stand by my snow.

  2. Read about your blog in Uptown, hope you have a great time in the Peg!! Visitors are always welcome and it doesn't hurt if they like the Weakerthans :)

    Don't forget your sunglasses! It is so sunny in winter, beautiful bright blue prairie sky.

  3. Thanks there Anonymous for the tip on sunglasses! Very excited.