Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stuck in Chicago. Get me outta here!

Well I am one of those people you are seeing on TV. Stuck in an airport, haggard looking and exhausted. Trying not to be short tempered. After all, I am safe. My flight from Wpg was delayed which made us lose our spot at Chicago. We got there and circled the airport for an hour before we were deverted to Fort Wayne Indiana to re-fule and deice. 90 minutes later we were back in the air our our way back to Chicago. We got here 4 hours late at which point all flights were gone. I slept in a hotel for 3 hours and am back at el aeroporto. New flights only delayed 2 more hours. I am no expert but it seems to me Chicago get overwhelemed easily. There is snow on the ground but it actually has not snowed since yesterday afternoon. Wish me luck. i switched to Delta and am counting on them to get me home!


  1. Good luck Andy! I have confidence in Delta. Who's collecting you at the airport in Atlanta?

  2. I love your blog. just catching up with all of it right now. Youhave to come back in the summer. Late spring is really great here. late spring of course, is nearly the end of June. we're going to flood like we did back in 97, this spring. some dyas I'm glad I live in a 15th floor apartment.

    Another thing I want to ask is if you've ever heard of the Canadian singer City and Colour? I have a feeling if you like JKS, you'll like Dallas Green too. He's got 2 cds out and a third is coming out this year. I love his first one the best.


  3. Thanks Kristi -- Delta did get me home.

    Katelin - Thanks so much. I will have to check out City and Colour.