Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Detained at Customs? Well, Almost. Plus, Hotel Report

Oh my Winnipeg, you are a charmer.  Are you trying to court me?  It might just be working.

So I thought the cute customs agent was going to detain me because he did not believe I was coming to Winnipeg for vacation in December.  Or maybe he was just flirting with me?  He really did not believe me and kept asking why would I come here?  I can't be the first American to come here in Winter.?  Eventually, I told him about the Weakerthans shows and then he started asking me about 100 questions related to that.  He was a mighty cute Canadian boy and I might not have minded being detained except for the fact that I was tired of carrying my bags around.  So far Winnipeg, your boys are pretty cute.

I so wanted to take the #15 bus today.  I believe that you truly don't know a city until you have taken their public transportation, especially when it comes to buses.  But that plan was derailed when none of the ATM's would recognize my Visa bank card.  So, I was stuck for an hour calling my bank and trying every brand of ATM the airport and airport hotels.  I felt like I was in that movie the Terminal where Tom Hanks can't leave the airport.  I even went to the money exchange center and they said that they could give me foreign money but they could not give me Canadian money?  WTH?  I eventually gave in and jumped in a cab, who gladly took my American card and then went to a real bank where they were happy to give me a bunch of Canadian money.  The money here kinda looks like monopoly money and looks to pretty to use -- until I was hungry that is.

I passed by the West End Cultural Center on the way from the airport, where one of the shows is being held.
My Daytime View

My hotel is fabulous.  They put me on the 28th floor, in a corner room with a king size bed.  It's a damn fancy room with a huge window looking out over this beautiful (very flat) city.  I can look out at the Provencer Bridge and I am so happy that I can see The Golden Boy from my window.  It's quite beautiful. It's so flat here I think I might be able to see Fargo from my hotel window!  It reminds me of northern Texas.

My Nighttime View

The heater is in Celsius, so I am experimenting with how warm I like it.  I am leaning toward 18C.

Please explain to me what a "Shoe Mitt" is?


  1. I think the shoe mitt is for polishing your shoes, which you'll need after walking around in the sandy snow. Welcome to Winnipeg :)

  2. Ah! I had absolutely no idea! So, am I supposed to do that nightly? And with what, water?

    These boots have never seen snow before, much less salt.

  3. It's basically a polishing/cleaning cloth that covers your whole hand.
    Use it dry or wet, whatever gets the job done.

    Welcome to Winnipeg.
    Hint: the restaurant at your hotel is quite expensive. It's priced for business travellers with expense accounts.
    There are a lot of places not too far away with better prices and better food.

    I'm sure someone has already mentioned the "Wagon Wheel" diner. It's about 1 block west and 1/2 block north from your hotel. Just around the corner from teh sports bar.

  4. Canadian money does not look like Monopoly money... Monopoly money looks like WORLD money. ;)

    Now it's time for U.S. currency to embrace the rainbow like the rest of us! LOL XD

  5. I agree with you on both your points!