Thursday, December 16, 2010

Twang Trust Radio Show - Now Up! Georgia Music Welcome to Manitoba

I am listening for the first time to my visit to the Twang Trust last night.  It is a college radio show on CKUW run by Stu, who is a huge REM fan who married a girl from North Carolina and got married by Howard Finster!  How cool is that!  Here in his native Winnipeg - he is loved and adored by all.  Everyone I mention his name to just beams with compliments and love and speaks of what a jewel he is to the city.


I had so much fun with him, as we shared stories of traveling to see our favorite bands.  He offered to tell me where John K. Samson lived for a lump sum of money.  I graciously declined.  The set we played was like a nice melting of Georgia and Manitoba music.

I played as much as I could and sadly did not get to some of the tracks I really wanted to play.  The 2 hour set was over so quickly!  But I sent Stu home with a CD of Georgia music, so hopefully he will continue to play a bit of that from time to time to time.

The set featured: REM, the Weakerthans, Jim Bryson, Sarah Harmer, The Young Antiques, The Liverhearts, The Yum Yum Tree, A hopeforagoldensummer, The Jupiter Watts, All Night Drug Prowling Wolves, Luigi and John McNicolas.  I had more cued up but sadly we ran out of time.

My draw dropped when Stu put in a track of Sarah Harmer and John K Samson doing a cover of Islands in the Stream.  Wow.

I had so much fun with Stu I could have talked with him and played music for hours and I can not thank him enough for having me. Winnipeg you have a gem there!


  1. Who are these strange people you've been talking to? And will they loan me 50 bucks?

  2. I don't know where John K lives but I can tell you that he attended Kelvin High School once upon a time. Ask anyone here, they can tell you where it is if you're interested. Coincidentally, it is the same school that another Winnipeg-raised singer/songwriter/storyteller by the name of Neil Young attended a few decades earlier. Though unlike Neil, John K graduated and stuck around town.

    Quite a lot of local musicians (and lefty activists) reside in the Wolseley neighbourhood, again I don't know for sure if that includes John and Christine.

  3. And Fred Penner! Don't forget Fred Penner! He went to Kelvin, too!